Hand Turned Yarn Bowl in Rustic Green Oak


Turned from Green Oak which has been naturally air dried for 18months, this yarn bowl has an honest charm and style all of it's own. Small cosmetic cracks and flat points have been left to add further to it's rustic style. 

Turned locally for us by Graham Addison, this bowl is big enough to easily take a large ball or cake of yarn and weighing in at over 1kg it is extremely stable in use.

The bowl started life as a block of green oak, (the by product of one of Graham's construction projects) before being expertly turned into shape with the yarn guide being cut into the front of the bowl. It was then sanded and  liquid wax applied, enhancing the beautiful natural detail of the grain.

Diameter : 15cmcm ( approx 6ins) Height 12cm (approx 5.5ins) Weight : 1.2kg