Sheep Yarn Holder & Stitch Markers Gift Set


We have put together a very useful Sheep Design Yarn Holder and a Set of Knitting & Crochet Stitch Markers to make what we think is a very nice Knitting Gift.

The Yarn Holder is made from a durable matt vinyl and has a handy zipped lid with an eyelet to feed the yarn through and there's enough space inside to easily hold a 100g ball of yarn.

The extremely versatile lobster claw stitch markers can be used for knitting or crochet. They can be either slid onto the needle or can be hooked onto a stitch to mark out a pattern or the beginning of a round etc.

Each marker is individually made by ourselves ensuring that they are perfectly smooth and snag free. The set of 5 markers are supplied on a handy stitch holder (which also doubles as a decorative brooch when holding the stitch markers)

Size approx: 22cm height x 15cm diameter.