Hand Turned Yarn Caddy in Oak & Spalted Beech

Hand Turned Yarn Caddy in Oak & Spalted Beech


A new design Yarn Caddy that we are absolutely delighted with and every one of them is a one off, beautiful and unique.

Made locally for us by Graham Addison Woodworking it is another beautiful marriage of design and practicality brought together by craftsmanship of the very highest order.

The caddy is crafted from seasoned Oak and Spalted Beech which is glued together into a block before being turned. The lid is turned from a single piece of oak to exactly the right size to snugly fit the bowl. The yarn guide is then cut into the front, it is meticulously sanded and multiple coats of liquid wax are applied before the final polishing process enhances the beautiful detail of the grain, giving a durable silky smooth finish to the caddy

The amount of hours of care and attention to detail that go into making these yarn caddies and the consequent cost means that they will be produced in quite limited numbers.

Size : approx 7ins (17.5cm) diameter x 6ins (15cm) height

Weight : approx 1.5kg

Because they are all individually hand made, grain detail will vary between caddies but if you email me after placing the order I will send you images of the caddies that are available and you can choose which one you prefer.

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