Medium Hand Turned Yarn Bowl in Oak

Medium Hand Turned Yarn Bowl in Oak


Turned locally for us by craftsman Graham Addison, this beautiful oak yarn bowl is by far the most popular in our range of premium quality wooden yarn bowls.

The bowl starts life as a block of oak, carefully chosen for it's grain, which is then expertly fashioned into shape before the yarn guide is cut into the front of the bowl. It is then meticulously sanded and multiple coats of liquid wax are applied before the final polishing process enhances the beautiful detail of the grain and gives a durable silky smooth finish to the bowl.

The amount of care and attention to detail that go into making these bowls is apparent and in our opinion they make a quite unique and special knitting gift.

Diameter : 7in ( approx 17.5cm) Height 3ins (approx 7.5cm) Weight : 500g (approx 17oz)

Because they are all individually hand made, the size, shape and grain detail may vary slightly between bowls.