Hand Made Yarn Caddy in Oak


The original prototype Yarn Caddy that Graham made for us using 20mm solid oak which was sawn, planed and then put together using precision cut joints. The yarn guide was then cut into the front, it was meticulously sanded and multiple coats of liquid wax applied before the final polishing process enhanced the beautiful detail of the grain, giving a durable silky smooth finish to the caddy.

From this prototype came the caddies that we now sell which are made with two different types of wood.

This Yarn Caddy is a total one off never to be repeated and has to be seen and handled to really appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship.

Size : approx 7ins (17.5cm) width x 7ins (17.5cm) depth x 6 ins (15cm) height

Weight : approx 2.25kg