Hand Made Oak Yarn Swift with Yarn Server Attachment


Based on our best selling Yarn Server and incorporating a beautifully crafted Swift attachment, this really is a versatile piece of equipment and equally useful whether knitting, crocheting, spinning or weaving.

In Yarn Server mode it looks identical to the standard Yarn Sever but the wooden spike on this one screws in and out allowing the swift attachment to be fitted to the revolving base and held securely with the hand turned Oak knob supplied. Changing from Yarn Server to Yarn Swift takes less than a minute.

In Yarn Swift mode it is a thing of beauty. The solid oak arms of the Swift are sturdy but refined, the oak pegs are adorned with hand turned Oak knobs which also prevent the skeins from riding up over the pegs during the winding process. The turning action is silky smooth and perfectly balanced due to the roller bearings in the revolving base, this also means that the pegs can be individually adjusted in small increments to allow for perfect fitting of different size skeins without compromising the balance of the Swift.

This is a unique product which was over a year in planning, design, and testing and is hand made in County Durham using the highest quality materials and without compromise - in the words of one of our customers "its the best of both worlds".