'Happy Sheep' Pocket Tin & Stitch Markers Set

'Happy Sheep' Pocket Tin & Stitch Markers Set


Combining a delightful 'Happy Sheep' Pocket Tin by Emma Ball with our Enamel Sheep Stitch Markers we have created a perfect little gift for any knitter.

The metal pocket tin has a sliding lid and can be used to store stitch markers along with small pins, needles & notions.

Our lobster claw markers can be used for knitting or crochet. They can be either slid onto the needle or can be hooked onto a stitch to mark out a pattern or the beginning of a round etc.

Each marker is individually made by ourselves ensuring that they are perfectly smooth and snag free.

Suitable for knitting needle size up to 4.5mm when used as a slide on stitch marker.